Supermodel and entrepreneur Kathy Ireland has entered the pet product industry with a bang. Clearly, she made an excellent decision to work with Worldwise on her new Loved Ones product line. The cat furniture collection includes several pieces that are both attractive and functional.


The Goom & Hide Perch is the perfect height for a cat perch. The semi-enclosed space lets kitty nestle in for a cozy nap while keeping an eye on her surroundings, while the self-grooming brush and carpeted scratching post below add extra stimulation. The perch comes with some long ribbons attached as a toy, but I had to trim these since I have string-eaters (very dangerous!) I’d prefer to see a different kind of hanging toy on this one, but the ribbons are easy enough to trim.


We received a Groom & Hide Perch and Cat Lounge to test, and both were instantly occupied the second they came out of the box. The lounge is compact, measuring just 16.5″ wide but 15″ deep and 4.8″ tall, but as you can see below, that won’t stop even the largest kitties from enjoying it!


Andy and Ando really love the top of the perch. It comes with a removable, washable pad and a really fabulous hood that attaches to the platform with Velcro. The hood is made from stiff felt that holds the form perfectly — a great use of this material. You can use the perch without the hood, but this is a very cat-friendly feature.


Other pieces in the line include the Scratch & Climb Tower and Scratch & Seek Tower, both with all kinds of features like hammocks, tunnels, scratchers, perches and toys. All the pieces in the collection use soft sage green fabrics combined with a faux walnut laminate and neutral accents.

The Kathy Ireland Loved Ones cat furniture collection is available from Amazon: