There are some really truly amazing things happening in the world of modern cat design these days, it just makes my heart happy! So imagine my excitement when I found this brand new line of modern cat furniture from Sauder. I think they really nailed it in terms of aesthetics and function. They clearly involved actual cat owners in the design and development process. I really like what I see!


The collection includes four pieces, starting with a brilliant Modular Modern Cat Tower. The tower is actually two pieces that can nest together or be used side by side. Generous sisal scratching surfaces combine with the dark brown color to create a beautiful piece. I love the step shelves on the outside leading up to a large round opening and on to the shelf inside. They went all out with the details including molded bristle pads inside for rubbing, a hanging toy inside, a replaceable corrugated scratch pad on top and a memory foam cushion with removable cover on the bottom. This tower has everything! But wait, that’s not the best part! It’s only $264.99 with free shipping on Amazon, or currently on sale for $164.99, also with free shipping, at Wayfair. What? Be still my heart.


Next is the High Perch and Cat Scratcher, measuring about 34″ tall and taking up only a 12″ x 12″ footprint. This beauty includes a replaceable, integrated cardboard tunnel and scratcher (brilliant use of cardboard, I must say!) and a memory foam cushion that can be used on the upper or lower perch. The same dark frown finish again makes this a lovely piece, and so does the price: $99.99 on Amazon.


The smallest piece in the collection is the Modern Cat Cube, an 18″ cube with memory foam cushion on top and cardboard scratch pad below. This piece also has the bristle pads inside for self-grooming and a feathery toy attachment for added fun. $129.99 on Amazon with free shipping.


And finally, this might be my favorite, the Natural Sphere Cat Tower featuring a banana leaf sphere perched on top of a very modern three-leg base standing 44″ tall. I love that the sphere has both a front entrance and a top opening. This would be a great piece to integrate into a superhighway, you could position it so that the cat pops out of the top and onto a perch or shelf, otherwise it might be a little too tall for a cat to jump out of the top and all the way down to the floor.


One leg is wrapped with sisal for scratching and the raised bottom platform is carpeted for lounging. A dangling toy adds excitement and a soft washable cushion inside the sphere invites kitty in for a cozy nap. Love, love, love this one! $259.99 with free shipping on Amazon.


Overall, I’m very impressed with this entire collection. Between this line an the new Vesper modern cat furniture from Hagen, cats are going to be living in style like never before!