A sturdy base and a nice tall tower of scratch-tastic cardboard, those are the ingredients for an awesome cat scratcher. And that’s exactly what Charley and Billie’s original cat scratcher includes, plus it also happens to be spectacularly beautiful!


This contemporary cat scratcher combines a corrugated cardboard scratching surface with a natural sandstone base and solid oak end caps. The cardboard pieces are held together with compression by tightening the oak nut at the top, which connects to a threaded rod running through the scratcher. This allows you to rotate the cardboard pieces to create your own design, plus you can easily replace the scratching insert when it becomes worn. Replacement inserts are available separately.


The Charley and Billie scratcher stands 27.6″ tall and weighs about 17.5 lbs. Rubber feet prevent slipping and scratching hard floors. The scratcher and replacement inserts are both available from the Charley and Billie Etsy shop. The scratcher sells for $152 US and the refills are $24 US. Handcrafted in the UK. Due to the weight of the base, shipping is a pretty penny at just over $100 to the US, but this is a lovely piece that both you and your cat will enjoy.