The folks over at CatastrophiCreations have outdone themselves this time! Just look at these awesome sisal wrapped cat climbers and scratchers. How cool are these?


First we have a Dr. Suessian sisal cat tree. Twisting pipes are covered in thick natural sisal rope, creating a vertical pole for climbing straight up and a nice easy ramp for lazier kitties. The whole structure is attached to what looks like a large sturdy base. $300 on Etsy.


Next we have a new wall-mounted horizontal sisal pole, perfect for adding to your cat superhighway! This pole comes in two lengths, 46″ for $95 and 62″ for $120. The pole attaches to the wall and has two end planks creating small perches on both sides. Cats can stretch out along the pole, give it a good scratch, or walk from plank to plank.


And finally, check out these cool floating sisal posts that can be used as steps along your superhighway. Each post measures 11″ deep and comes with all the mounting hardware you need to attach these securely to the wall. According to CatastrophiCreations they can hold p to 50 lbs. when properly mounted in the wall studs. $35 each on Etsy.


You could put together a really nice cat climbing wall with these, something that would be visually appealing to you and incredibly fun for your cat. Visit the CatastrophiCreations Etsy shop to see all their other climbing pieces as well.