The CatsCubby from Catswall is the perfect place for your cat to hangout and hideout. The sleek cube, made from solid natural pine with a clear finish, has entrances on not one but TWO sides! This makes it perfect for multi-cat households since cats can’t get trapped inside.


For added fun, each entrance is covered with strips of woven fabric creating little curtains. Your cats will love to peek through the slips and poke paws out at anyone who passes by. The top of the cube is also covered in the same woven material, giving it a non-slip surface and creating a perfect perch (as Ando demonstrates below).


The CatsCubby is on wheels that lock to prevent sliding. Simply push down to roll and release to lock. The cube measures 15.75″ and weighs 18 lbs. The CatsCubby also makes a great side table or footstool for you!


As you can see, there is some assembly required (thanks, Mark!), but it’s not too complicated. This was an immediate hit with our cats and they use it everyday. It’s really very well made and has the feel of high quality furniture. The CatsCubby is now available for shipping to the US from the Hauspanther online shop. $195 includes shipping.