Now cats can enjoy breakfast as much as we do! These incredibly creative cat toys are handmade with fabulous attention to detail and would make a great gift for any cat whose person is a breakfast fiend.


Start off with a side of crispy hash browns from Polydactyl Cats. These very unique toys are individually made with custom designed fabric so no two toys are exactly the same. Each toy comes stuffed with your choice of organic catnip or organic bamboo fiber fill, and is wrapped in a removable fleece “Hash Browns” wrapper. So cute! $13.99 from the Polydactyl Cats Etsy shop.


Kitty can dine on a scrumptious breakfast of catnip filled fried eggs with a strip of crinkly catnip bacon from K Grant Designs. All handmade and sent to you on a paper plate with an order slip from Whiskers Cafe. $7.50 for the set from the K Grant Designs Etsy Shop.