You probably know that I have a thing for black cats. I mean, they are the true Hauspanthers! I have two black cats myself and I’ve meet many others over the years. Although I do believe that there are some general categories of black cats that most can fit into (the Sneaky Black Cat, the Alpha Black Cat, the Doofus Black Cat, etc.), each and every one of them is unique. Of course, all cats are unique, but solid black cats can seem — at first glance and to the unobservant cat rookie — to be the same.


So, I’m am beyond excited about a new project in the works from illustrator Peter Arkle and writer and editor Amy Goldwasser. This cat loving duo make up Studio Goldsparkle and their first project together is going to be a book titled All Black Cats Are Not Alike.


Inspired by their two black cats, Coco and Mimi, the book will feature 50 original illustrations of distinctive black cats expressing their personalities. But the cool part is that your cat could be included! They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign and the perks include signed first-edition copies of the book, prints of the illustrations in the book, a chance to nominate your cat to be in the book, or a reserved space for your cat to be included! Visit the All Black Cats Are Not Alike Kickstarter page for more details and to support this project before all the spaces are taken!