Laser engraving is allowing for endless possibilities in all kinds of product design, including kitchen gadgets. Embossed rolling pins are suddenly all the rage and you can find several with adorable kitty designs. How cool will you be when you bring homemade embossed cat cookies to your next cat lady party!


Check out the embossed cat rolling pins we found available from these Etsy sellers:

  1. Bazalel Art Shop
  2. Unique Rolling Pins
  3. Algis Crafts
  4. Mood for Wood
  5. Dough Roller
  6. Bazalel Art Shop
  7. MJ Rolling Pin
  8. Agnes World
  9. Valek Rolling Pins (I love the little mouse in this one!)
  10. Mission Chopping Block
  11. Housemade Artist
  12. MJ Rolling Pin

If you’re wondering how these are made, check out this video of the laser engraving process on rolling pins!