I’ve tried a lot of litter scoops, and I have my favorites, but this new design just might have them all beat. This is a brand new litter scoop from K-Kat Innovative Pet Products. The scoop was carefully developed by the team at Tabby Town USA cat rescue in order to meet their extreme scooping needs. Just like every rescue, they scoop a lot of litter boxes every day and they wanted to cut down on the time spent sifting and scraping. Take a look at how fast the clean litter falls through this new scoop as compared to a flat metal scoop.


The idea here is to reduce sifting time and litter dust, plus the scoop needs to be large enough to allow you to scoop the whole box with just one or two passes and sturdy enough to be used for scraping the bottom when needed. It looks like they achieved their goals!


“It’s THE Scoop!”, as the new scoop is being called, has been in development and testing and they’re now ready to get this scoop into the hands of cat guardians everywhere. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to place their first big order from the manufacturer and they’re offering some good deals for everyone who supports the campaign. Check out the It’s THE Scoop! Kickstarter page.