The Hauspanther Gear Guide is back and it’s better than before! Our Cat Gear Guide is your ultimate one-stop resource for finding the coolest cat products. We’ve gathered all of our feline design finds into a comprehensive online resource that allows you to easily search by category and see a list of every single item we could find that’s stylish and useful for cats, plus there are links to where to buy at your fingertips.

The Hauspanther Gear Guide includes listings in each of the following categories:








I created the Hauspanther Gear Guide to make your life (and mine) easier! I’m frequently asked questions like “What are some cool cat towers I could get for my cat?” or “What are your favorite catnip cat toys?” and I found that it can be difficult to search through our Daily Design Finds archive to find exactly what I’m looking for. I wanted to create a place where everything is listed in a user-friendly format. I’ll be updating the Gear Guide regularly, adding new items as I find them and deleting old items that are no longer available. If you know of a product that I should add to the guide or if you find a broken link or something else that needs to be updated, please send me an email at I promise to make this the very best resource that you could ask for, so let me know what other categories you want to see, too!