Go Cat Toys are far more than just regular cat toys, they are “Playthings and Laythings” that cats love! These oversized creations are the result of combining several of kitty’s favorite things:

  • the intrigue and irresistible invitation of crackling plastic
  • the lure of looped threads
  • the sway of sisal twine
  • the courtship of catnip
  • the summons of the sound of jingle bells
  • the seductress of the afternoon snooze
  • the need to knead and be kneaded
  • and the bewitching impulse to kickbox one another


Sockitty® and MyMouse® both measure about 19″ long and 4″ wide. Each toy is stuffed with crinkly PET plastic, catnip, and a little jingle bell to create an enticing combination that cats can’t resist. The soft looped fabric also gives cats a place to sink in their claws and it comes in a variety of colors.


We had the pleasure of testing some Go Cat Toys and they are currently being dragged all over the house as I’m typing this. The toys come with long dangly twine tails, so I recommend supervising your cats while playing if you have string eaters, otherwise trim the tails, like I did, to prevent swallowing.


If your kitty needs a worthy opponent, look no further, Sockitty® and MyMouse® will make the perfect punching bag. Check out this video of shelter cats enjoying their Go Cat Toys:

Sockitty® and MyMouse® are available from GoCatToys.com for $24.95 each or you can get a litter of six for $120. Made in the USA.