How many cat photos do you have on your phone? Thousands, probably. It’s okay, I do to. We love taking photos of those adorable furry creatures and here’s a fun new product that will have you Instagramming kitty all day! It’s Meowses, Awesome Cat Houses, two new playhouses for cats.


These cardboard kitty hideaways are from Brooklyn-based cat lovers Dan Parkes and Jesse Levine, developed with help from PB&J Design Inc. They measure a spacious 15″ deep by 12.5″ wide by 19″ tall and they’re a snap to put together, creating the perfect place for kitty to hangout, inside or on top.


There are two hilarious and incredibly detailed designs, the Milk Bar and the Catnip Dispensary. Check out all the little details! For more info, visit


The best part is the opening on the side where your cat can (and will!) stick their head out, creating the perfect photo op. So many opportunities for funny captions with these two designs!