Urinary tract infections in cats can lead to severe health issues. If an infection goes untreated, a cat’s urinary system can become blocked, preventing urination. Early detection of the infection can be critical in getting your cat the care he or she needs in a timely manner to prevent further problems. What if there was an easy way to monitor your cat’s urine for possible infection? Well, here it is! It’s Perfect Litter, a cat litter that let’s you easily keep an eye out for possible urinary tract infections — plus we have a special offer for you to receive a FREE 1-MONTH SUPPLY ($19.99 value)!


Color change indicates possible infection

Perfect Litter is made from natural minerals — not including clay — that are formulated to change color when a cat’s urine pH is abnormally high. The litter will turn various shades of pink when pH levels rise — light pink if there is a mild change, medium pink, and finally dark pink, indicating that there is a chance that your cat may have an infection, in which case you should consult your veterinarian immediately.

Lightest litter I’ve ever used!

Perfect Litter has some other great features, too! The first thing you’ll notice is that it is feather light, unlike heavy clay litter. In fact, a 4 lb box will give you as much use as a 28 lb. bag of clay litter. This is such a great feature! It really makes a difference when bringing clean litter home and hauling used litter to the trash!

Other awesome features

Perfect Litter is also very low dust, it clumps well, and it has superior odor control, because it actually kills the bacteria that cause the odors, rather than just masking the smell. And on top of all this, it’s environmentally-friendly and pet-friendly, made of all natural ingredients, no chemical perfumes or dyes.


This innovative litter has received multiple awards from consumer and industry organizations.



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You will receive 1 4 lb. box of Perfect Litter ($19.99 value), which is about a 1-month supply for a single cat. Get yours now!