Here are three unique cat product design concepts from Spanish designer Laia Fusté. The collection explores relationships with local craftsmen, including a basket maker, a potter, and a wood turner.


The first piece is a nighstand/cat hideaway made of wicker with a beautiful turned wood top that’s removable. There’s a soft pillow inside, making it the perfect spot for a nap. I love items like this that are multi-functional.


Next we have a wall-hanging string toy, which has a lovely aesthetic, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving cats alone with a toy like this because the string could be a choking hazard. Nice idea, but not necessarily safe.


And finally, here’s something that is quite unusual. It’s a clay pot that is designed for feeding table scraps to your cats. I see what the designer is going for here, and it’s an interesting concept. You place the scraps in the top opening so they fall to the bottom, preventing them from going on the floor and making it easier to clean-up. The cats have to forage inside the pot to get their prize, which caters to their hunting instincts. However, feeding table scraps to cats isn’t a good idea, except maybe for a little plain cooked chicken or other meat, which I’m sure they would appreciate!


They certainly are all gorgeous pieces of design. More info, including how to order, at