Like Kittysville founder and designer Jayne Blume has outdone herself this time! This is her newest creation and I’m completely in love. It’s a modern geometric cat bed that mounts to the wall, serving double-duty as a cat climbing shelf. And as if that wasn’t enough, it is designed with a removable slipcover to make it easy to keep clean. Someone pick me up off the floor, I think this is so brilliant!


The polyhedron structure is made of plywood encased in fabric, then wrapped in a removable washable slipcover. This slipcovers are made of a combination of vintage and new upholstery fabrics and each one is unique. You can even send in your own fabrics to have a custom cover made.


The bed’s top surface tilts down toward the wall in the middle, so kitty is slightly cradled against the wall. The bed hangs on two screws, which are included with two high-strength wall anchors.


The bed measures 24″ wide by 15″ tall and 12″ deep, plenty of room for even full-figured felines and sturdy enough for big cats to jump on or use as a launching pad.


The new wall-hanging cat bed is available from the Like Kittysville Etsy shop for $89 and extra slipcovers are $32 each.