Here’s a brand new litter mat that’s pretty special! It’s the BlackHole Litter Mat, available in a rectangular shape or a cute cat face shape. I’ve never seen anything like it before and it works really well! The manufacturer sent me some mats to test with my cats and so far, so good.


The BlackHole Litter Mat has a dual structure with a top layer made of a soft, but durable, EVA foam honeycomb attached at the sides to a solid mat for the bottom layer. Litter falls through the openings and is trapped inside the mat. Simply open one side of the mat and pour the loose litter back into the box.


The mat can be cleaned with water and air dried as needed. The foam material makes it very soft for cats to walk on and also lightweight. Plus, I love the way the mat looks, clean and simple. This is a real winner!


The BlackHole Litter Mat comes in dark grey or beige. The rectangular mat measures a generous 30″ by 23″ and the cat face shaped mat is a more compact 23″ by 21″, perfect for smaller spaces. Both are available from Amazon the rectangular mat for $43.99 and the cat face for $36.99. Both styles qualify for Prime shipping.