I’ve certainly tested a lot of cat feeding products over the years, and I have several favorites, but at the moment this is my preferred set-up. I’m completely in love with the multi-cat raised feeders from Catswall Design, available in the US through WoofCenter.com.

I’m actually so impressed with every little detail about how these feeders are designed, I marvel at them every time I feed the cats, no kidding. First, they come in the most fabulous packaging, a brown kraft box with a simple modern label and everything neatly fitted inside the box. As a designer, that made receiving them a special treat. The feeders are really easy to assemble and they are incredibly sturdy with a heavy weighted base. The smooth plastic is very easy to wipe clean.


One of the coolest features is the ant trap that’s built into the base. This is a great feature if you have pesky ants (which we get occasionally as the seasons change). The ants get trapped in the base so they can’t crawl up into the food. This is a cool feature, but it also creates the only issue I have with these feeders. If crumbs (or ants) get down in the trap it’s a little tricky to get them out, not impossible, but you have to shake them out. This is because the base comes pre-assembled as a single part, so I guess it’s a trade off for easy assembly. Nothing’s perfect.

I feed twelve cats, so what I love the most about these feeders is that they allow me to pick up and put down six bowls at once. The food is raised to just the right height and the removable stainless steel bowls are easy to clean. The stylized cat handles are absolutely perfect for lifting and carrying. And they’re adorable!


I’m also obsessed with the new silicone pet feeding mats from PetFusion. These are the perfect size and material — easy to clean, non slip, durable. These definitely make it easier to keep the floors clean, just pick up the mat and rinse it off in the sink. LOVE!

My thoughts about feeding cats…

I do not write about what to feed your cat. Cat food and nutrition is not my area of expertise as a writer, I only know what I’ve learned from my experience feeding my own cats. But for those of you interested, I can share what I’m currently feeding my cats and why.

My cats are on an entirely raw food diet, because it is my experience that they do better when they eat raw food. By better, I mean their coats are shinier, their eyes are clearer, and some chronic problems like arthritis and even asthma have cleared up when they are eating a raw food diet.

Feeding a raw food diet isn’t for everyone, it requires set mealtimes and careful food handling procedures (one of the biggest complaints from veterinarians is that raw food, when handled incorrectly, can make everyone in the house sick — both cats and humans). That said, a raw food diet is the closest thing to what cats would eat in the wild, therefore giving them the most complete species appropriate nutrition.

There are lots of different ways to feed your cats a raw food diet. You can make your own raw food or you can purchase freeze dried or frozen raw food. I am currently feeding Bravo Blend Chicken frozen raw food, which comes in a 5 lb. chub. My twelve cats eat 2.5 lbs of raw food per day in two separate feedings. I’ve also used Nature’s Variety Instinct frozen raw, which comes in patties or smaller medallions, perfect for one or two cats or if you just want to give raw food a try. Simply defrost one or two medallions at a time.

Obviously, the health and wellbeing of my cats comes first, but there is one HUGE BENEFIT to feeding cats a raw food diet: THE LITTER BOX IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! There is practically no odor from solids, no diarrhea or constipation — it all seems to regulate, there’s actually very little to scoop and what there is to scoop is like compressed sawdust. Total transformation!

A resource for raw feeding

Switching to a raw food diet may take some getting used to for both you and your cats, but there is an excellent resource that can answer any question you have. The Feline Nutrition Education Society is a non-profit organization that provides information, recipes, and guidance for transitioning your cats to a raw food diet. Visit their website feline-nutrition.org. They are also currently running an Indie Gogo campaign to help increase awareness about raw feeding and it’s benefits. If you’re at all curious about raw food, I highly recommend checking them out.