When Jeannine Schafer was a child, she was torn between being a zookeeper and an artist. She went the direction of artist and illustrator but never lost her passion for animals. Jeannine focuses her art on the animals she loves, especially her own beloved cats.


Her whimsical illustrations are available as prints in a variety of sizes from her Store Envy online shop. I snapped up a few of these when I met her at Phoenix Comicon last weekend and they are really fabulous, some of my favorite cat art yet!


In addition to her housecat illustrations, Jeannine also draws wildcats like the servals and caracals below, also available from her online shop.



Check out Snorffles n’ Meeps!

Jeannine and her business partner Steph Laberis (who also does incredible cat and animal illustrations!) are working on their third book of animal illustrations, Snorffles n’ Meeps Vol. 3. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign with awesome rewards for making a contribution. Check it out on their Kickstarter page and make sure to watch the adorable video (LOVE the cat sleeping in the background!) Only three days left to get in on their Kickstarter goodies!