Pre-order Catification now! Attention cat lovers! We are thrilled to announce that the new book Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!) co-authored by Jackson Galaxy of Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell and Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther is now available for pre-order! For every copy pre-ordered before October 14, 2014, $1 will be donated to organizations dedicated to helping homeless cats. In addition, when you pre-order, you will receive exclusive discounts that you can use at and CatificationBook2 This book is like no other, and it’s a must have for every cat guardian looking to live happily and stylishly with cats. Filled with an assortment of beautiful and creative examples, Catification is meant to inspire and excite you. We present projects from cat guardians around the world along with their tips and tricks. We also take you behind the scenes on My Cat From Hell to get a closer look at some Catification projects we’ve tackled on the show. Kate presents her “Pro Tips” for creating your own customized Catification projects and Jackson highlights each example with his “Cat Daddy Dictionary” terms. CatificationBook3 The projects in this book can be adapted to any style or budget, you don’t have to be a master craftsman or a millionaire to Catify! We hope that this book will motivate cat guardians everywhere to make some changes and give their cats an indoor environment that is both stimulating and appealing.

Pre-order to Support Cats!

For every copy of Catification pre-ordered, the publisher Tarcher/Penguin will donate $1 to organizations supporting cat welfare. We will be sure to update you once the organizations have been chosen. In order for your pre-order to count toward the donation, please email a copy of your receipt to More details at Pre-order your copy now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, from any major bookseller, or visit Indiebound to find a local bookstore in your area.

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