Here’s a very interesting piece of furniture design that’s oh so very Hauspanther. It’s the CATable designed by Ruan Hao from the Hong Kong-based architecture firm LYCS. This elegant modern table is filled with passageways and hideouts for cats to explore and hangout in.


It’s a great concept for providing your cat with a stimulating environment that integrates beautifully into your home. I love the smooth curved surfaces and the natural wood. However, I do have to point out some of the possible issues with this design that any experienced cat guardian will no doubt spot immediately.


First, I’d want to make sure that you can easily reach every inside part of the table, both for cleaning and for removing a cat if necessary. What a great place to hide if kitty knows there’s a looming vet appointment. Also, in a multi-cat household especially, you’d really have to make sure that there are no dead ends inside the table. Every space must have multiple escape routes in order to avoid an ambush. With those adjustments, this would make a fabulous addition to any Catified home!


via Freshome and thanks to Stacey for the find!