After I posted the Amazing German Designed Cat Climbing Furniture, I received countless inquiries from readers in the US and Canada hoping to purchase the wall- and ceiling-mounted cat furniture. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy (or affordable) way for those of us in North America to get our hands on it, but I did just learn about this US-based company that offers a similar concept. Off The Wall custom builds wood cat furniture that mounts to the walls and ceiling, including suspended hideaway boxes and gangplank catwalks.


Everything is handcrafted with solid wood using fine woodworking techniques. You can create your own unique kitty playground in the sky by combining the elements in a way that fits your home and your cat’s preferences.


I’ll be sure to update you when I get more details about pricing and availability.


Please leave a note in the comments to tell us what you think about this cat furniture!


* Update 8/30/15 Off The Wall Pet is no longer in business.