Here’s a new product that could help expand your cat’s indoor territory. It’s Katio, a new concept from Katco LLC. It’s a window enclosure that fits in standard windows just like an air conditioning unit. Simple to install and made of 1″ thick ultra-sturdy molded plastic, the Katio has a clear window facing outside so kitty can watch the birds.


Inside your home, Katio has two doors that open for easy access and cleaning. One door has a cat flap installed and there’s a little ledge for kitty to perch on when entering and exiting the Katio. Because Katio is well ventilated and can be closed off from the inside of the house, you could also use it for the litter box. This would bring the litter box up to window height, making it easier to clean.



I had a few questions, so I asked the inventor of the Katio, Alden, to provide some more info. I wanted to know how secure the Katio is when installed, would it allow intruders to enter the home through the window? Would my cat be safe it the Katio? He told me that the Katio installs just like a regular AC unit (but it’s much easier because it weighs less), tucking between the windowsill and the window and locking into place. You then use screws to secure it, making it almost impossible for someone to break through from the outside. As for the safety of the cat, Alden feels confident that a cat could not be harmed when inside the Katio as long as it is properly installed.


He also told me that the plastic they will be using is double walled and UV stable, so it won’t discolor or breakdown in the sun. It’s very easy to clean with any household cleaner. The vents inside the Katio will be louvered and they will come with a winterizing cover for colder weather. The Katio will sell for around $300.


These photos are of the working prototype that Alden and his wife Kelly have been testing with their cats. Right now they are preparing to launch manufacturing with an IndieGoGo campaign. If you like this idea, please visit their campaign page and check out the perks you can get for contributing to the project. Also, if you have any questions for Alden about the Katio, please leave them here and I’ll make sure he answers them for you. You can also follow the progress of the project on mykatio.com and on the Katio Facebook page.


Once the company is up an running, they plan to donate a portion of the profits to five great animal rescues.