As all cat owners know, living with cats means that you’re fighting a constant battle with cat hair. I have an arsenal of tools that I use regularly in the fight. I use sticky rollers, rubber brush tools, vacuums, traditional lint brushes — you name it. But sometimes they just don’t do the trick, especially on certain fabrics and in hard to reach places likes corners and crevices, or around the edge of the carpet (you know what I’m talking about!)


I was recently sent a new product to test and I can honestly tell you, this is the best thing ever for picking up cat hair! It’s SwiPets, something that looks so simple but works so, so well. SwiPets is a glove that has been coated with a rubbery surface that sticks to the cat hair perfectly. The best way I can describe it is that it’s like when you’re trying to get at the cat hair around the edge of the carpet, up against the baseboard, and no roller or brush will fit in there. You go get a damp rag or sponge or sometimes just using damp fingers does the trick. But all of those solutions stop working after a few swipes. The SwiPets glove keeps working but it’s much, much better, plus as soon as it stops picking up the hair, simply rinse it off and it’s like new again. You can even throw it in the washing machine.


The best part  is that because it’s a glove, you have complete control over grabbing the hair in the smalls cracks and crevices. The sticky part extends all the way to the end of the fingers, giving you that extra ability to grab the hair that’s accumulated in the edges and corners of furniture, cat beds, cat towers — everywhere! Seriously, once I realized how well this thing works I ran around the whole house pulling cat hair off of everything!

You can get one SwiPets glove for $14.99 or two for $19.99 from Amazon. I highly recommend this product!