There are many new devices using technology to entertain cats, but this is one of the most amazing concepts I’ve seen to date. It’s the Egg, not just a cat toy, but a cat companion. It looks so simple from the outside, but once you see what it can do, I guarantee you will be impressed.


This little device is designed to mimic the erratic movements and sounds of a small animal, plus it actually responds to objects in the environment and to your cat’s movements. How does it do that? The Egg has an offset weight inside that’s operated by a gearmotor to change the Egg’s center of gravity so it rolls back and forth. There’s also an onboard angular sensor that adjusts the settings for different floor types and obstacles. The Egg is rechargeable and programmable using the USB port on a PC or a Mac. Rechargeable! No batteries to replace!


Enough with the tech part, what does the Egg do? A lot! It rolls back and forth on the floor (all by itself!), it shakes and makes cute chirping and peeping noises to attract kitty’s attention, it senses obstacles and reverses direction, and it will sense kitty’s movements and try to escape! What? I cannot wait to get my hands on one!


There is currently a Kickstarter campaign running for the Egg. It has already funded, but you can still get in on the deal. A $31 donation will get you one of the first Egg cat toys when they are ready (expected delivery date June 2014). The campaign will end on January 27. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of the project and the availability of the finished product.