Be still my heart! Bilbao-based cat product design company Nekozen just released some new items that are truly spectacular and I want them all! First, feast your eyes on this gorgeous modern cat climbing tree that serves as a sturdy wall-mounted cat climber and a sculptural wall decoration. As with all Nekozen products, the new cat tree is made with premium materials — solid beech wood for the trunk and branches and birch plywood for the platforms and scratching post. The natural sisal scratching surface is replaceable. It looks like the tree comes in three finishes, white, espresso and black. This is a great solution for small spaces since it doesn’t require a lot of floor space.


Also brand new from Nekozen are two elegant and eco-friendly bamboo scratchers. Made from machined natural bamboo poles wrapped in natural sisal and securely mounted to a birch plywood base, these pieces look more like modern art than cat scratchers. Visit for more info.


10% Off + Free Shipping Through Dec 31!

If you’re thinking of investing in some of the Nekozen products, now is the time! Nekozen is offering 10% off plus free shipping for customers in the US! This is on orders placed directly with Nekozen. Email them at to place your order and take advantage of the savings. Offer is good through December 31, 2013.

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