The Santa Monica Franklin Promenade from Hollywood Franklin is an ingenious solution for allowing cats to climb on existing bookshelves without knocking everything to the floor. These beautiful handcrafted ramps fit onto the edges of standard bookcases, creating a little walkway for kitty to climb. Each ramp is covered with carpet tile to keep kitty from slipping.


The ramps slide onto the edges of the shelves, clamping in place without any adhesive or screws. The ramps are available in three sizes, designed to accommodate common shelf spacing from 8 13/16″ to 11 5/16″. Hollywood Franklin can also create custom Promenade ramps with dimensions to fit your shelves.


The Promenade shelves are recommended for cats up to 18 lbs. Available in three finishes — bleached white, flat black, and dark brown — or in plain MDF for DIY, with six different carpet options. For more details, visit the Hollywood Franklin website.