The nice folks over at Peach Industries sent us their Kitty Lounger Mini to test, and I’m happy to report, it’s a new favorite! This little hammock is just the right size for cats to climb into for a cozy nap, and it doesn’t take up too much floor space. Measuring 19.25″ square by 6.5″ tall it’s compact and kitty-sized. Everyone loves it, from my smallest kids to the larger, um, “big boned” cats.


Ando is a good 15 lbs and, as you can see, he fits quite nicely. The Kitty Lounger Mini is usually occupied, no matter where I put it. It’s also really easy to assemble, just a few pieces and no tools needed.


You can choose from five different fabrics for the hammock – Amethyst, Harlequin, Marmalade, Neptune or Slate. The Kitty Lounger Mini is available directly from