I’m always on the lookout for new wand toys, you can never have too many! So, I’m excited to announce that Tiger Teasers are now available with synthetic fur! Tiger Teasers were originally only available with real fur, which I avoid purchasing for myself or for my cats, so I asked Melanie the designer and owner of Tiger Teasers if she’d consider making them with faux fur and she did! And the cats absolutely love them!


Tiger Teasers Lion Lure wand toys come in two sizes, regular with a 24″ acrylic wand, and mini with a 6″ wand. A springy wire comes out of the end of the wand and the faux fur is attached to the end of the wire. There’s also a little bell that slides long the wire for added fun. The spring of the wire makes the fur bounce around, giving the impression of real prey, while letting you control the movement. The slightly flexible wands come in a variety of colors.


In addition to the Lion Lures, Tiger Teasers also makes these fun “Bunny” cat toys, which are simply corks wrapped in faux fur. They are just the right size, weight and texture for cats to pick up and carry around. Our Bunny toy was immediately taken away to a secret hiding place.

All the Tiger Teasers cat toys are handmade in the US and can be purchased from the Tiger Teasers Etsy shop individually or in a combo pack.

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