Our friends over at Mountain Cat Trees just designed a brand new natural wand cat toy and this is your chance to win one! Each toy is made with a sturdy hardwood dowel with a handle wrapped in colorful hemp twine. There are two different attachments, a hemp twine tassel or a feather toy. Both are attached with hardware similar to what’s used in fly fishing so the toys spin as you pull them through the air, causing a total frenzy with the cats!



We’ve been testing these toys, and I can tell you, they are a HUGE hit! Just look at these frenetic pix! Completely crazy cats!



The giveaway winner will receive one 32″ wand toy in the color of his or her choice with both the tassel attachment and the feather attachment. These are guaranteed to make your cats go crazy!

The Mountain Cat Trees Wand Toys are currently available from the Mountain Cat Trees Etsy Shop.


To enter the weekly giveaway, please visit the Hauspanther Giveaway page and complete the entry form. The deadline to enter this week’s giveaway is midnight Pacific Time on Sunday, September 29, 2013. This giveaway is limited to addresses in the US & Canada.

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