We all know, cats love cardboard! I know mine certainly do. They love to scratch it, lie on it, rub against it, and chew it. I’m always looking for new ways to use this simple material because I love the natural look and feel of it, so we decided to make our popular Atomic Flyers and Stacks cat toys using cardboard.


The results are several fun new little toys that cats love. The cardboard makes the toys light and easy to toss around, and once kitty is done devouring the toys, they can be tossed in the recycle bin.

Eco-friendly Cardboard Cat Toys

Our new Eco Flyers are now available in the Hauspanther online shop, $6 for a package of 12 toys, three of each shape. These toys are great for shooting across hard floors and carrying around. Andy is a big fan of the cardboard Eco Flyers!


The new Eco Stacks are also now available, two for $6. These are fun because they bounce around unpredictably and kitty will love to grab the little cord.