National Hairball Awareness Day 2013

Did you know that this Friday is National Hairball Awareness Day? Yes it is! And this year to celebrate the occasion we’re joining in the fun and helping the FURminator (the official sponsor of National Hairball Awareness Day) spread the word through their Moustache Cats campaign! Moustache Cats want to remind you to groom your cat regularly to prevent hairballs. Don’t let that extra hair become a hairball, instead make a moustache! (Don’t over think it, it’s just for fun.)


We joined a team of cat bloggers in a little Moustache Cats fun. First, we each used a FURminator grooming tool to remove some excess fur from a cat, then we attached it to a moustache on a stick and took some photos. Check out all the photos in the Moustache Cats photo gallery here.

OK, honestly, this was pretty fun. I think that photobomb moustaches on cats are right behind cats and techno music at the top of my list of stupid funny things. We’re going to let our hair down this week and have some fun, and we want you to join in!

Moustache Cats


It’s time for you to have a some fun, too! Make your own photobomb moustache by cutting a moustache shape out of paper (if you need some help, download this Moustache Cats pdf with some shapes I drew for you), attach your shape to a stick or a straw or something, then, if you like, groom your cat and glue some of the excess fur to the moustache. Next grab your cat and your camera and see what happens. Click the button below to submit your photos and we’ll make a little gallery to show on Friday for National Hairball Awareness Day!

Photos must be received by midnight Pacific Time on Thursday, April 25, 2013.

Moustache Cats

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