Drinkwell Ceramic Pet Fountains Avalon & Pagoda

I recently shared with you the Drinkwell Lotus Fountain, which is a beautiful and functional design, however, the center portion of the Lotus fountain is plastic, while only the outer parts are ceramic. I visited the Drinkwell booth at the Global Pet Expo, and saw two new fountain designs that are 100% ceramic. They are slightly more expensive than the Lotus, so I’m assuming the plastic portion was a cost cutting decision, but I’m glad to see the new all-ceramic fountains.

The circular design shown above is the Avalon Ceramic Pet Fountain and the rectangular version is the Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain. Each one hold 70 ounces of water and both designs feature dual free-falling water streams. The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas and the all-ceramic design is more hygenic than plastic fountains that can harbor bacteria. A replaceable charcoal filter keeps water fresh and the clean modern design will add a beautiful water feature to your home.

Both the Pagoda and Avalon are available on Amazon for $79.95.

Drinkwell Ceramic Pet Fountain Pagoda