The manufacturer of the Designer Cat Box just expanded their product line to include two amazing new cat climbing pieces that I’m sure are going to be a big hit with Moderncat fans! First, we have the Sebastian Modern Cat Tree, available in a black or white finish. It has six levels for climbing and perching, a sisal mat on the first level, carpet on the second and fourth levels, and a cubby hole on the second level. The glossy, non-toxic, lead-free painted finish is durable enough to withstand kitty’s claws as she climbs and plays.

The new Sebastian cat tree measures 67″ tall and normally sells for $339.95, but it is currently available from or from Amazon for just $268.95.

The other new additions are the Sophia Wall-mounted Cat Climbing Shelves. The shelves are sold in a set of two, one with an opening for your cat to climb through and the other with an enclosed space that can be used for decorative items. Both shelves have carpet pads to prevent kitty from sliding off. The shelves attach to the wall with brackets and can hold cats up to 25 lbs. safely.

The Sophia shelves are available in the same black and white finishes to match the Sebastian cat tree. A pair of Sophia shelves normally sells for $149.95, but they are currently available for $115.95 from and they are also on sale at Amazon.