John and his wife took on a fairly extensive project that they have shared with us as a great example of how to modify your living space to accommodate your cats. They decided to extend a wall in their bedroom, creating a separate area for a window seat and, at the same time, adding some architectural details designed for their cat Lupe. The idea was to integrate the cat-friendly elements in such a way that they would not be obvious.

The project includes a long shelf above the bed connected to another shelf inside the alcove by three small square openings. These openings allow Lupe to pass through the wall at ceiling height, something every cat would love to do. Both shelves are carpeted for Lupe’s comfort. Three small shelves in the alcove provide steps to reach the upper level. Halogen lights covered with glass shades create a toasty napping spot on the shelf in the alcove.

Lupe sure is one lucky cat!