Here are some wonderful artisan-made cat products from an organization that is making a difference. SERRV is a nonprofit organization that supports artisans and farmers worldwide by marketing their crafts and goods through an alternative trade outlet. The program helps these artisans to build their businesses, providing them with a sustainable income.

The SERRV website offers all kinds of goods, including a few interesting cat products. The Double-Decker Cat House, shown above, is a collaboration between two different groups. Dhaka Handicrafts from Bangladesh makes the frame and the cushion is made by a different group in Nepal. The frame has a wire base that is wrapped with fibers from the Holga plant, a renewable resource found along the riverbanks in Bangladesh. The Holga Scratching Post, also shown above, is made from the same material.

One more kitty-related find on the SERRV website comes from The Community Crafts Association in the Philippines. This set of two cat toys is woven from lukmoy vine and each has a metal jingle bell inside.

Keep an eye on the Pets  & Animals section of the SERRV website for new products being added all the time.