Sometimes a cat product catches my eye and I just know it is a winner, and this is one of them! It’s the brand new Perch Pet Nest and I love everything about it. First, it comes from a pet-loving husband and wife team of industrial designers who have worked for many years in the children’s product industry, just as I did before I started writing about cat products. I think there are a LOT of great things that pet product designers can learn from children’s products, an industry that has introduced tons of innovative products in the past decade.

This design was conceived when the designers’ dog and cat curled up in some of the children’s products they were working on. Of course! We see cats curled up in baby bouncers, car seats, etc. all the time, so they decided to create a stylish pet bed that incorporates some of the features of the baby bouncer that appeal to pets, but with a more stylish, pet-parent oriented look.


The design of the Perch Pet Nest is pretty brilliant. The frame is made from bent metal tubing forming a sling-style bed on top, something cats can’t resist. The frame has a fabric cover with a mesh bottom to allow for airflow. The padded liner creates a cozy nest and is easily removed for cleaning. You can also add a canopy on top to create an enclosed hideaway. Additionally, you can get an extension to raise the bed up higher and add an enclosure below that has two openings, creating a tunnel for cats to walk through. So much functionality in a single product!


The Perch Pet Nest is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to launch and they have a big goal to meet, but I think this is definitely a winner, so please go take a look at the awesome pricing you can get on this incredible new bed though their Kickstarter and let’s make this happen! And please share this post, too! I want one!

>> Visit the Perch Pet Nest Kickstarter Page and SAVE!