This week FIVE lucky readers are each going to receive a new grooming tool that your cats are guaranteed to love! It’s the Groom Genie, a unique cat brush that detangles fur and calms your cat as you brush him.

The Groom Genie is based on the Knot Genie brush that revolutionalized detangling brushes for humans. Parents found that the Knot Genie easily detangles hair without pulling or pain.

The magic behind the Groom Genie is its unique bristle design, which tenderly works through tangles, never pulling or cutting. This gentle, yet effective brush takes the stress out of grooming for both cats and their owners. Regular use helps prevent stubborn matting, making cats more comfortable in between brushings.

The brush’s light colored base and bristles make it easy for owners to detect issues like flea dirt and the unique paw-shaped design allows a natural finger hold position, providing a better grip on the brush.


All of my cats love the Groom Genie, particularly Mackenzie, my Maine Coon mix. He has a tendency to get knots in his long fur, so I tried the Groom Genie and he went crazy! He loves to rub his face on the bristles and really enjoys a good grooming session.

Get $5 off the Groom Genie!

The Groom Genie is available from the Groom Genie online store for $14.99, and you can get $5 off when you sign up for their newsletter (link to sign up is on left side of their home page at!


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