Hepper has done it again! They’ve created another new cat product that is so innovative my mind is blown! Check out their new and improved Hi-Lo Cat Scratcher. This variation on an older design has introduced some new features that make this unlike any other cat scratcher I’ve seen. It’s pretty brilliant!


We all know that different cats prefer different types of scratching surfaces, so why not invent a scratcher that can be used in multiple ways so you only have to buy one scratcher to test with your cat instead of five? That’s exactly what Hepper has done. The new Hi-Lo scratcher can be reconfigured in five positions so you can find the one your cat likes best.


The sturdy curved cardboard scratcher comes with detachable metal legs so you can easily change the position of the scratching surface. If your cat’s not picky, you can change it up to keep your cat from getting bored, plus reconfiguring the scratcher extends the life of the cardboard by allowing your cat to use every side. The clean lines give it a sleek modern look.

Available from the Hauspanther online shop for $70 with free shipping to US addresses.