I received a package in the mail the other day that contained a CD with the most adorable illustrations of cats on the cover, so of course I dropped everything and popped it in the CD player and when it started playing my jaw hit the floor! This CD by singer-songwriter Dawn Coppola is packed full of the cutest, catchiest melodies ever, and each little song is about cats!


Catland is the first CD from Dawn’s music production company Feline Folk Purrductions, a company that obviously celebrates our fabulous feline friends. Everything about the CD is enjoyable, from the colorful, detailed watercolor illustrations on the cover by artist Julie Holt, to the fabulous melodies and the insanely adorable lyrics.



I love the note on the Feline Folk Purrductions website that says, “Please note, the backyard depicted in the image on the album cover is in fact enclosed with cat-proof fencing to provide protection for the kitties.” Fabulous!

Here are some YouTube videos featuring a few of the songs, just to give you a taste. I guarantee you’ll be singing these songs for the rest of the day!

You can purchase Catland from Dawn’s Etsy Shop for just $10. The songs are also available for download from iTunes, but you won’t get the awesome CD case with the artwork. I can’t wait for her next album!