Cat Cafes

What is a cat cafe?

Cat cafes originated in Japan as a place where people could grab a snack and spend time hanging out with cats. North American cat cafes have integrated adoptable cats so visitors can spend time getting to know the cats and, once they find a perfect match, adopt them.


Here at Hauspanther, we are most excited about cat cafes because they can be showcases for Catification. If the space is well designed, cats will have fewer behavior problems and their personalities will shine through, so potential adopters can really get to know them. Also, a well-Catified cat cafe can serve as an example of what cat guardians can be doing at home. The best cat cafes educate, inspire and celebrate our love of cats. Here we feature some of our favorites, focusing on the Catification of the space so others can learn by example.


Looking for a cat cafe near you? Check out our Cat Cafe Directory, updated regularly!