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This may be the best cat toy I’ve come across in awhile! These colorful mesh cones are attached to a foam ball with an LED inside. Lightly tap the ball and the LED flashes and changes color — it’s like Catchella!


Why do I love these? So many reasons! First, I’ve seen this plastic mesh material used in other cat toys that my cats adore, so I knew these would be a hit just with that one feature. The mesh is in a cone shape, making these toys a great size and shape for kicking and carrying, plus the ends of the mesh are protected inside the foam ball so they won’t fray, like with some other toys made from the same material. The foam ball is also a great texture for cats and the whole toy is nice and light.


And then there’s the LED kitty rave! The light flashes and changes color for about 10 seconds and then turns off automatically until the toy is jostled and the light show begins again. My cats are fascinated by them and have been having the best time chasing these around the house! It’s fun to see flashing colored lights walk through the house in the middle of the night!


The LED cat toys are very affordable, too. You can get one for just $2.59 or a set of three for around $10 on Amazon or or you can buy 3 and get 3 free (plus shipping) at I’m not sure how long the LED will last, but even once the light stops working these will still be great cat toys.


What?!?! These are so cool!! Stay tuned for more info!

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