Here’s one of the most exciting things I found last week at the SuperZoo Pet Product Expo in Las Vegas! It’s Katt³ a brand new modular cat climbing system and cat house from Canadian company BeOneBreed. It stopped me in my tracks when I stumbled upon it in the new exhibitor area of the trade show, so I talked to the team behind it and I’m very impressed!


I found out that Katt³ is a collaboration between Canadian cat behaviorist Daniel Filion and BeOneBreed founder Anthony Deraps, who has 10 years of experience working with global suppliers for IKEA. Anthony’s product development experience and Daniel’s cat behavior knowledge combine to create a winning combination that has resulted in a beautiful and functional pice of feline design that is sure to be a big hit.


Katt³ is a system of kubes that easily assemble and connect in a variety of configurations. The kubes come with soft cushions, hanging toys, scratchers, windows and passthrough openings. The possibilities are endless for building all kinds of climbing structures to please your cat and fit your home.


The Katt³ Starter Kit will include three kubes, two cushions, two different scratchers (cardboard and sisal) and a hanging toy for $99 US. Refill scratchers, single kubes and additional cushions and toys will be available separately so you can easily add on, expanding the Katt³ system to keep your cat entertained. It’s very easy to reconfigure the Katt³ whenever you want to add variety for your cat or as your feline family changes. Individual kubes will be $36.99, no accessories included with individual kubes. Accessories (toys, cushions and scratchers) will range from $2.99 to $12.99.


Katt³ is expected to be shipping in October. I will be sure to update you as soon as it’s available!